Deep, rich, and incredibly balanced! O’Food authentic condiments stand unrivaled by preserving the Korean traditional fermentation method. Showing up in all manners of Korean recipes, they are the essentials to enrich your table.


Koreans’ all-time favorite condiment! This deep-red & velvety fermented red chili paste is versatile and used in various Korean cuisines.

Classic Gochujang

    Gochujang for easy use

      Gochujang for foodservice


        What’s on the menu? Doesn’t matter! This seasoned soybean paste goes perfectly with any meat and vegetable.

        Classic Ssamjang

          Ssamjang for easy use

            Ssamjang for foodservice


              Craving for some hearty stew? Give it a try for Doenjang, the savory & earthy fermented soybean paste. It’s made with ‘Meju’, blocks of dried fermented soybeans.

              Classic Doenjang

                Korean BBQ Sauce

                How about marinating some meat in a rich blend of flavors? Grill to perfection with this marinade to create mouth-watering Korean style grilled beef or pork, aka Bulgogi!

                Hot & Sweet

                  Mild & Sweet


                    We wondered, “How can we break free from boundaries and enjoy Korean food even more?” O’Food reinterprets Korean food by layering international flavors from a modern viewpoint.

                    Korean Street Food

                    From the heart & soul of Korean kitchens and street vendors, O’Food conveys Korean nostalgic dishes that give people comfort. A warm bowl of O’Food’s Korean Street Food can turn around even the rainiest day.


                      Tteokbokki & Jeon

                        Bap (Steamed Rice)

                          Modern Pantry Condiments

                          The essential condiments that well-stocked modern pantry should have. O’Food’s creative variations of sauces will boost the savory flavor to your dish.

                          Hot Sauce

                            Black Anchovy Sauce

                              Fun & Smart

                              Evocative and healthy at the same time, O’Food gets down to the basics but creates products in an enjoyable and clever way.


                              Real ingredients for real taste! Thanks to O’Food KICK Seasoning Mix, it has become much easier to enjoy Korean flavors.

                              Multipurpose Seasoning Mix

                                Fizzy Drinks

                                Drink healthy with Korean-style prebiotics and vinegar drinks! Vitalize your daily life with a refreshing moment.

                                Seoul Sparkling Water

                                  Hongcho (Vinegar Drink)

                                    Hongcho (Jelly)

                                      Snap! Snacks

                                      At the snap of your fingers, you’re done! O’Food’s quick & easy savory snacks will ease up your bustling days. It can be your new go-to favorites!

                                      Roasted Seaweed Thins

                                        Anju_Pop Snacks

                                          Rich but Light